1. INCEPTION: - Born and brought up in a small town in Punjab. My parents gave me a sense of belongingness and beauty that a woman should carry. I have grown up seeing them and later my brother started up with his own imitated jewelry business in Punjab. Due to high demand in society and changing preferences people now wanted to buy everything online. After 8 years of my marriage, I again wanted to explore something big. There came an idea of bringing my own business of jewelry online. I always knew I had that spark due to which I could turn unfavourable things work for me. From scratch, I started and hired all the right people to start my journey with all the positivity.

2. Challenges: - The biggest challenge was when someone questioned my abilities and when they thought I am incapable of performing any task. I overcame a few things but the other fear rooted within, is a challenge. But honestly not every plunge taken in the ocean of opportunities yield results. Many a times, you wait for the boat to come to the shore to take you through to the other side, but in reality, the other side turns out to be a gloomier than the shore. Unpredictable is the word that summarises it all.

3. Satisfaction being an entrepreneur:- The race was on and everything was falling in the place when I was busy making our official website Days later I got the opportunity to put up an exhibition which was the first step towards my startup journey. We managed to display our products somehow, but it was not my day. It did not turn out to be that good and I, unfortunately, did not have a successful crowning. Someone has rightly said “beginnings are always messy”

4. My startup journey: - It had been a process of learning and unlearning lessons, of making adjustments, of letting go and celebrating other things, no matter how small. Entrepreneurship is intensely personal. It's your passion and your energy made manifest for the world to see and starting a business has been an amazing process of self-discovery and personal growth.

5. My plans: - Creating a brand in a highly fragmented industry is both challenging and exciting. I spent considerable time looking for the exact kind of jewelry that is going to allure people. Keeping lucrative jewelry with all the affordable prices and best of the quality and designs is my primary motive. Slowly I discovered how I want a new start-up in my life. We all know jewelry marketing in India is highly fragmented and growing rapidly. Right now I am only focusing on establishing my business well.

Get ready ladies to get your man on their knees by wearing modish and traditional styled jewelry.

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